#Thankyou for your #Support

I would like to thank all whom voted for me, your support has meant the world to me and my family. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful.

I am proud of the hard work and strong positive ethics that I put into my campaign. I am also proud of all my years of volunteering in our schools, attending our school board meetings as a passionate parent to be that positive voice in the public, my strong leadership and advocacy with CPF, and my knowledge and experience that I have been building over the years on education. All of which, I feel are skills that would have added so much to the board. Maybe next time.

I also feel that an in person All-Candidates meeting would have better addressed this election for trustees and hope that it will be on the table for future elections.

I want to extend a congratulations to our elected trustees, and a hug for a race well run by all candidates.

Thank you to all whom contributed financially, volunteered, and cheered me on.

I also want to put a big shout out to my kids, who helped me deliver pamphlets and talk with voters. They learned so many skills from this. Most importantly, that you fight for what you believe in.

Thank you so much everyone, this has been one incredible journey.


What I #Value and will #Advocate for as your #Sd62 #Trustee. #Vote4CendraBEATON

As a long time education activist for our kids (locally and provincially), I can’t wait to step into this role. I am an active volunteer with multiple parent groups in our schools, and also a member of Canadian Parents for French. I have lead efforts that have brought additional resources and funding to our schools, spoke in senate committees to strengthen education, collaborated and advocated to all levels of government for a quality education, and so much more. I have been actively participating in district committees and attending the district school board meetings since 2014, which allows me to be informed on the challenges that we face as a whole.

I have a strong foundation to advocate for our public education and with governance boards. I will be a great addition to our board of education.

Being a parent to kids currently in our local public schools will provide me the ability to relate and understand the impact of my decision making as your trustee, and be a strong voice for our needs.

What I value and will advocate for:

  • Equitable RESOURCES and SUPPORT for all
  • FUNDING for new land, new SCHOOLS, and upgrades of our aging facilities to address our continued exponential GROWTH
  • INCLUSION and a sense of belonging for all
  • COLLABORATION and ENGAGEMENT with all partner groups, parents, and our communities.


Your support means so much to me and my family. Please like and share this, let’s make a difference for our schools together.

Thank you so much!

Cendra Beaton

Please VOTE for CENDRA BEATON on October 20th, 2018!!!

#Vote4CendraBeaton #SD62 #Trustee

*Authorized by: Cendra Beaton, cendra.beaton@gmail.com

National Recognition of Exceptional Volunteerism.

I’m a proud member of CPF-BC Yukon and as former chapter #president of Canadian Parents for French Sooke Chapter -SD62 – CPF Sooke in #sd62, I received National Recognition for my exceptional volunteerism in our #schools for both 2016 & 2017.

I have built a strong foundation to #advocate #effectively for #all our #kids.


I’ve been very involved in our district for many years now, and I really hope to be able to take my advocacy to new heights for all our kids in sd62!

#Vote4CendraBeaton as your #Sd62 #trustee

You’ve got the #yard, I’ve got the #sign. Let’s #connect!

Will you have one on your lawn?

Now that we are officially in the Campaign Period, I am starting to trickle out my election signs! I’m so excited to put them out and show our communities my passion to become your future School Trustee in SD62!

IMG_7139 (2)
#Vote4CendraBeaton Signs

I would very much appreciate this kind gesture of support. Please email me at cendra.beaton@gmail.com or call (250) 514-0366 if you’d like one!

Together, we can make a positive difference in our schools.

Most importantly, go out and vote at your local City Hall on October 10th, 17th, or 20th!

#Vote4CendraBeaton as your #SD62 #Trustee.

My riding includes: Colwood, Langford, Highlands, Metchosin, and a part of View Royal.


How to #VOTE for a #Trustee in #Sd62

An often asked question is: how do we vote for a school trustee?

You can cast your vote at any of your local municipal election polls at the same time as your mayor and city councillors!

Early voting days are: October 10th & 17th
General voting: October 20th

In my voting area (Belmont Zone) you’ll find additional information here:
Langford: https://www.langford.ca/EN/meta/city-hall/municipal-election.html

Colwood: https://www.colwood.ca/city-hall/municipal-election

Metchosin: http://www.metchosin.ca/content/elections-voting

Highlands: https://www.highlands.ca/238/2018-General-Local-Election

And also with the School District 62: http://www.sd62.bc.ca/board-of-education/trustee-elections/

#Vote4CendraBeaton for #Sd62 Trustee!